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When purchasing this product i was not expecting to have multiple issues with the units every 2 months. 


Over the last 16 months i have taken back 3 of the 6 cameras, due to fautly battery usage.


The 3 cameras used batteries up dead over 1-2 week periods (multiple times) with only recording 4-6 times a day of 10sec spans, this should not occur regardless how much they record. 2 weeks is a joke. 


I have had 3 cameras replaced and yet this is still occuring.


Anytime there is a firmware update it will send full batteries to dead, which cost a lot of money for 6 cameras, $16 per camera, and when a firmware update comes it drains all the batteries so more money wasted.  


This product is beyond a joke and that's just on the faults of the battery usage side of things, it has cost me over $400 in batteries being used up before meeting the minimum guidelines with all settings set to battery save mode), there is also multiple issues relating to night vision not working for no apparent reason.


I'm very tech savvy and i have tried multiple fixes on my end, but it's seemed to be software and/or hardware related faults. 


This product is a piece of **bleep**, 5 out of my 6 cameras has a battery fault of some kind along with other night vision faults, even after replacing 3 of them same issues. The money wasted on batteries (full to dead in 2 weeks, and firmware updates making them go full to dead) and the time wasted getting replacements has just become a stressful experence. 


I'm going to contact consumer affairs with all the documented information relating my poor experience with this product, and why i feel it's not acceptable. I feel i'm not the only one going to work wondering if my cameras are working or not, and my home is safe. 


I've used the system for over a year but have had no battery or hardware problems.  I am not impressed with the slowness of the software and I find it stalls so I have to close it on my phone and reopen it.  All in all, I am comfortable with it.  I have 5 cameras and use a NetGear Wifi/Router on a broadband, not DSL, line.  Battery life averages 4 months with about one 40 sec recording per day.  Keep us posted on how this resolves.


I can only relate to upgrade issues. I do not experience battery drains on any of my 7 camera's, but when an upgrade is ready to be installed, I have to get each camera from the wall and insert a normal battery. This is because I use rechargeable batteries which have a lower voltage. My camera's always "think" they are almost empty and remain like that for months while operating normally. The only issue is, it will not upgrade when it thinks the batterylevel is low.


I just replace the rechargeable ones with normal lithium cells, allow it to boot, upgrade and put the rechargeable batteries back in.


I'm wondering what is causing your battery drains. I would guess a bad connection to the base. I hope Arlo support is able to help you.


What's with the night vision, pink display during daylight? I have had that with one camera, it was replaced with no questions asked. It's the IR filter that's not physically moving correctly anymore that is causing it. If there is something else, I would love to learn from you what your issue with night vision is.


for example 3 of my cameras might be fine for 3-4 months then out of no where i put fresh batteries in it, and it will last for 2 weeks tops, or a firmware update comes and new batteries are dead. Same batteries high quality.


Another camera would only last 2 weeks from the get-go, that got replaced though i had to wait 2 weeks for them to test it. Which meant my home was not secure for 2 weeks without having that camera, i found that not acceptable.


I want to send back another 3 cameras which are still having issues but my home will have no security while they have them for 2 weeks for testing before refund or replacement. Which from my point of view is unacceptable.


I doubt it's a bad connection to base as my cameras are only 5-6 meters from the base, also on 100mbit internet plugged into the base, very fast internet and stable connection.  


in regards to night vision; occassionally a camera would be set off and it would start recording, the issue is it's pitch black, can't see a thing. The night-vision is not activating or it's not recording in night vision mode. Maybe 15% of my night records are like this on 2 external cameras.


For the purpose of security even if it's 1% are not recording properly and that 1% is where someone breaks into your property the whole system cost is void.


the only solution i feel would be acceptable if they take 3 cameras and give me 3 on the spot to replace my current system, or my home is not secure while they test the cameras for 2 weeks. 


3 of the faulty cameras was purchased through different vendors (two add on cameras and one was a part of a 3 camera pack). So taking them to 3 different places to get them replaced is beyond frustrating. 






Community Manager
Community Manager



I would like to offer assistance and take a closer look at the case you have open with the support team. Please provide your case number and I will review your case and offer any additional feedback that I can.