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I am not sure if anyone is experiencing the same issue since last week, I have been using Arlo for a long time and it directly connects to my router always without any issue except Geofencing issue with iOS, which I have opened another case here. I have got daily reboot schedule configured on my router every night. However, since last week sometime my Arlo base-station remained offline after router reboots itself. The internet light on the station was in orange and my internet was good as usual. I was not sure whether the firmware of base-station was getting updated automatically or not.  To get around of it, I had to manually turn it off and turn back on to resolve the issue.


It will be interesting to see if anyone else is having the same issue.

Master Master

Yes we have power cycled the base ...reset it, unplugged it, both the power source and internet cables, press resync, the1st led is solid green and then for internet is blinking green and all the rest are not lit...

That's indicating that your base station is online and has internet access. It also shows you have no cameras sync'd

Guru Guru

Since you attempted a reset, remove all devices from Settings, My Devices. Press the reset button until the LEDs flash amber. Wait for the power and Internet LEDs to turn green. Use the Add Device button on the Devices tab to add the base and then sync the cameras.


I have the older style Cams. Every power outage or flicker. Camera will not reboot to my router.

i have 3 cameras. Only one will reboot.


i too am looking to scrap Netgear and get a betters system.