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camera wouldn't work at all. Complaint email ?

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Hello, I am wondering if anyone can help me.

Is there an email address where I can put in a complaint in about the arlo camera system and how they treat there customers.

So basically what happened is my camera system the orginal arlo system is 1 and a half years old. The camera system was working great .. Untill a few days ago the camera wouldn't work at all. So basically blah blah spoke to there support they went through everything with me trying to troubleshoot it but it wouldn't work. The camera is basically stuck on the trying to connect blue light. Nothing works does fix it. Everything the support said won't work.

So basically I am just disgraced they won't replace it or fix it. I know that its out of warrenty but for a camera system which costs me £300 and one of the camera breaks after 1 and a half years ? This is a disgrace. I was expecting a camera system to atleast last me 3 years before I would have any problems with it. It is actually funny I was considering updating my system to the new ARLO PRO 2 system but after all this I will be finding another company.


Does anyone know a email address I can use to put a complaint it ?, The woman who spoke to my via the customer service told me to post it on here which seems stupid they don't have a email address.


If you guys know maybe a miracle on whats causing the problem (please consider I have tried everything they told me to and looked online as well) I will try it.

But mainly I am looking for a email address I can contact arlo team and put in a complaint.

Thank you

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Thank you.
By any chance do you know whats up with there system? I tried to enter my email address a one and it was saying to me that email address was invalid when i select the uk. Do you know how i can fix this?

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Where are you trying to enter the email address?


Also, if you could provide more details as to what the issue is you're experiencing with your Arlo camera, we may be able to offer assistance here on the community.


What are you trying to do that causes the camera to be stuck? Is the camera already synced to the base station? If so, are you seeing an error message? Any details you can provide will help us better understand the issue.




Okay lets start the start. Will do it in short points to easy to read.

Camera stopped working as in couldnt connect itself to the base station. So changed the batteries, didn't work. Tried restarting the hub, moving the hub many times didn't work.

So I removed the camera from the HUB and tried to recconect it to the hub. Followed instructions online and on the app itself. Clicked sync on the camera and the blue light started to flash slowly trying to connect it self to the hub. But it was never able to connect.

The hub wouldn't pick up the camera.

I have 2 cameras in my system so thought to myself okay lets just reset it all and try reconecting it all. The first camera connected perfectly to the hub no problem at all. But the 2nd camera was still trying to reconect to the hub.

Changed the batteries again to see if that was the problem nothing. Reset the whole hub again and the app again and tried moving the hub away from the router and unplugging everything a few times that didn't work.


Looked online for simlar problems and they said to reset the hub and remove all the cameras in the app which I have done many times but tried it again anyway.

No error message, before the camera was synced up to the hub but after about 3 days of getting nothing from it and changing the batteries nothing worked so I went down the list of trial and error to try and fix the issue but got no where.


If you have any new suggestions, I am more then happy to try it and hopefully get the issue resolved.