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Hi, is anyone having any issues since there was an update on the software last week ? I use a Samsung S9+ phone and when I make a call it comes up with an error message that the Arlo App has stopped working ?


Also, with the detection settings set for people, vehicles, animals or other if I select all of them I get 4 notificaitons for one activation and no activations if I just want people and vehicles ? Very strange ?


Do I have something set wrong or is there an issue with the update ??


Any help would be appreciated as I love my cameras and they have been great up to they are annoying !!


Hundreds of users report the same thing (search in the community since several inputs) but still no announcement from Arlo Support team (what I can see) that they officially know about the problem and timeframe to fix it with an new update. So unprofessionally and lack of respect. Still can see some ideas and suggestion floating arround but fact is that nothing helps and reason is a bug in the latest update of the app 21 nov. Suggest you all contact the support or call them in order to set pressure and that they make an officially notice about the problem.

Users face different problem and it works for some with older devices but for me and other using latest Android and Samsung mobile the app crashes all the time when you receive or make a phone call. When app crasches you do not get any notifications. When app is upp and running everything runs ok though.

If any Arlo support or community managers team reads this please send out an announcement in the community so people know what the problem is so people can save time not trying to fix it themselves with reinstall or clear memory etc...and each day new users address the same issue... The biggest reason for me when decided to buy Arlo Pro 2 compared to competitors was the easy App and the flexibility with it but recently it seems Arlo developers just play arround with functions without testing it properly. In this update I believe it had to do with the right app demands using the phone and to make calls etc..If you do not accept that function do not work and if you accept it crashes...


Thanks for taking the time to reply....I had seen some replies but only joined community today as was getting frustrated with the cameras.


Hopefully, as you say, someone in Arlo will see this and prioritise it for everyone who is struggling !!



There were problems with both the Android and ios apps for some phones in the latest release. Arlo sent out a fix on the ios app yesterday and is working on the Android app. Hopefully the fix should be sent out shortly.



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There's a new Android app (2.6.4) that was released last night that fixed the problem for me. I haven't put it to the test other than to verify it now runs on the phone where it didn't before but at least this flaw is fixed.