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Re: iPhone App magnification

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Chrjensen Aspirant
What is happening? Maybe you could hire one or two more engineers. This is taking way too long.
Bill-963 Aspirant

I recently began having this issue. On single camera, can only zoom 2x. On multiple camera screen can zoom 3x, which is basically useless since the picture is so small. What's going on with this?!?! I bought the Arlo Pro 2 (HD) to get clearer pictures when I zoom, but now this feature is limited. Can anyone from NetGear address this issue which seems to have been going on now for several months according to folks who have previously reported this problem?????

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Master steve_t Master

Bill-963 wrote:

I recently began having this issue. On single camera, can only zoom 2x. 

Are you on iOS? I can zoom to 8X on my Android app and on the web browser interface

arod55 Aspirant

I too am experiencing the zoom issue. I can no longer zoom in past 2.0 which doesn't even allow me to view my baby's face in his crib. It is a shame that this has been an issue since last June?? If I knew this was a problem I would have never updated the app. now I am forced to view my baby's room on my computer (which is pretty inconvenient). Are there any updates?


Also, for some reason my night vision feature on the camera has gotten worse. I can't actually see anything now, everything is all foggy. This is why I did the update, hoping that it would resolve this issue., but it didn't.

dfloth Aspirant
What is the status?
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Myzoom Aspirant

Only bought Arlo Pro 2 to get 1080 and 8 x zoom, using iOS, very disappointed, when looking at the posts , I would not have proceeded with the purchase. Surely some assurances from netgear would help, shall I get a refund?


Andy0897 Aspirant
I to am very upset that we get no answers when this zoom problem will be fixed !!!!! I have these cameras so I can see what goes on at my business when not there and only zooming in x2 is useless .. how about this company give us the consumer info when will be fixed
JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager

This issue has been resolved in the latest version of the Arlo iOS mobile app. Be sure to check the app store and update to the latest version of the Arlo mobile app: Release Notes - iOS App 2.4.7 - 7th March 2018



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