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Arlo VMC 3030 camera battery drain

Base Station Device Info:

HW Version VMB3010r2

Arlo Wirefree (x5) Device Info:

HW Version H7
Firmware 1.3.319

Arlo Pro (x1) Device Info:

HW Version H8

Base Station went offline a few days ago and so weekend comes along, I finally get a little time to look at the issue.
Internet Connectivity out. Power light lit orange. No other LEDs were on (VMB-3000).
Resolution: Power off/on. I had to do this 3 times before it finally got the internet connectivity going again. It appears on the second attempt, it was trying to connect but fails. As the base station is connected to wired ethernet to a network switch that works fine for all other devices, I began to suspect the base station has had its firmware updated.

Once the base station came on, I noticed all but the Arlo Pro was synced/connected to the base station. The other 5 cameras - Arlo Wirefree VMC 3030 cameras were all out of sync. Rang customer support and they told me to delete all my Arlo Wirefree devices. That's 5 devices I have to set up from scratch. Never in my lifetime of using Arlo (a few years now) have I had to do this step. At least not for all 5 devices in one hit.

So...the Arlo Wirefree cameras never had their battery fail on me and it comes as a complete mystery that none of the cameras would re-sync even after deleting them from my Arlo dashboard. I had a brand new set of CR-123A batteries spare so I fitted them into ONE (1) wirefree camera.

This time it synced but as soon as it was synced, I checked the battery status. 94%. WTF?!!! Brand new batteries drained to 94% on first sync? In the 5 minutes I took to draft this message, it just drained another 2%.

Does Netgear have a green/emissions target as a corporation because we should all be reporting that Netgear/Arlo is now causing me to increase battery waste.

I'm going to continue monitoring but Netgear/Arlo needs to stop rolling out functionality without proper regression testing.

Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
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