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Arlo Pro: Trigger set for 2nd camera to record in addition to 1st cameras motion. Not Working.

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Base device: VMB4000r3



Cameras: H7



iPhone App: 2.7.7 (56)

iphone x: 11.3.1 (I will not update to 12)


So I have my porch (camera 1) set to record the driveway (camera 2) as well when it senses motions. However it seems some kind of coding on the app or backend servers is not allowing this to happen. It was working perfectly before about a month or 2 ago with no changes to my system. 


When camera 1 will record when it it senses a person, vehicle, animal, or basic Motion it will not trigger the 2nd camera in addiation to the camera 1 to record even when setup in the mode to do so.


I have removed the camera off the trigger and added it again to no avail. The 2nd camera is hardwired, and that seems to be the only difference I have made to the system (official hardwire system non-recall version). 


I have also tried to setup the 2nd camera to record the first camera when it senses motion, but it doesnt do so either.


When I try to also change the Motion Sensitivety to the cameras, the app becomes unresponsive. I cannot click save or cance, i must force close the app.


Guru Guru

Try and set it on on the web with browser...


Most of the time I set all up on web, just use the app/phone for arming. It makes it much easier.


Also make sure the smart settings are set up for all motion; it should work.

Morse is faster than texting!