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Arlo Motion Detection Range?

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All security systems have there pros and cons and yours is no different. 

I am using your system with 4 cameras and a Ring Doorbell Pro. I chose your system due to the ease of setup without having to run wires or power to cameras. I think you need to state max detection range on your systems because I am not the only one disappointed with the detection range based on what I have read.


I understand that you chose to use IR detection over the cameras detection. I am not familiar with the benefits over the cameras detection ability other than software being rewritten and maybe limited range with your IR. Currently the IR is not working satisfactory and detecting only 20 feet out is not good enough. There have been many programs written that use the camera only to detect motion that work well. I have read about extender possibilities on here which I feel are not options. The camera itself has the ability to detect any motion that it sees regardless of range. It is a matter of rewriting your software to detect camera motion and not IR detection.

If Arlo could have a similar detection to the Ring Door Bell which allows you to customize the detection zone. The Ring Doorbell out performs the detection range of ARLO cameras.

Hopefully your App can be redesigned with the software to allow further detection range and a way to customize the detection zones. The short range hampers recording detected people so that they can be identified. 

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Motion detection/Night Vision range is stated on the packaging for your Arlo kit. Take a look here for tips for positioning your cameras for best performance: How do I position my Arlo Wire-Free, Arlo Pro Wire-Free camera, or Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free camera?