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Re: Arlo Cameras offline- trying to update base station

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20tenss Guide
My cameras have worked mostly flawlessly for approximately the past 4 months. I've had small issues like losing the night vision but have been able to correct the problem. Recently the cameras have lost connectivity multiple times and have remained offline. Restarting the base station relinks them. I've also changed the batteries and resynchronized the cameras. I updated firmware in the cameras a few days ago- but not the base station- how do I do this? When I tried going to the arlo site to login I just get a screen with the logo and can not go further. Thanks!
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Guru TomMac Guru

Updates for the base and cameras are auto sent and loaded usu during the early morn...

to see if you base has the current version, look here for your base ( Arlo or Arlo Pro base )


for Arlo base the last version listed is ; Arlo Wire-Free Base Station FW

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20tenss Guide
How do I check to see what version my base station is running- it is not the pro. I don't think it has updated since I had it tho. The cameras sent me a message with the firmware update. I'm not sure how to update the firmware on the base station
manfredz Hero

go into settings, expand base and scroll to bottom.

unplug or turn off base station for a minute, then back on should start any necessary base station update, although it may not happen til overnight

20tenss Guide
Where is this at on the app? I don't see anything that says base.

The cameras are offline again
Guru jguerdat Guru

Poke around a bit - it will give you a feel for what's there. 


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