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Arlo Bast Station NIC died, do you think Arlo wants this hunk back?

My original Arlo Base Station stopped working two days ago, after a little bit under four (4) years of flawless performance. Behavior is that it says no Network Connection - so you can never log in. The Network light stays amber. I unplug it from the router port and the port goes down both in led light as well as when logged into the router and watching the port stats. Plug it in and it comes up. Move the cable to another port (that I know works as a PC is plugged into it), port goes down, then up and starts passing traffic. Arlo Base behavior remains the same. Amber led for network, and same error upon login attemp - no network connection. Decided that the Arlo Pro Base Station has enough good reviews and new features I'd buy it stand alone. Arrived same day (thanks Amazon) and we are back online now less than 1 hour after opening the new box. My question; do you think Arlo support wants this brick? Or is a dead NIC card / or false network failures expected after four (4) years? thanks.... SW.
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Re: Arlo Bast Station NIC died, do you think Arlo wants this hunk back?

Don't think Arlo wants the old one... as to failure rate after 4 yrs, I can't answer that. 

I can't answer due to the fact like many, have slowly upgraded various parts of the system over yrs.

Longest running base is about 2.5 yrs now without issue and the longest camera running is a Q since first released ( 3+yrs? )... same, no issues.


Can say I really haven't had a HW failure at all, but I do run my system off a UPS so the elec feed may be a bit cleaner than most.


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Re: Arlo Bast Station NIC died, do you think Arlo wants this hunk back?

Well Coolio.  I purchased my system on Aug 13, 2015 and the Base Station just died a few days ago.  I guess I'm lucky.

3 out of my 4 original camera's are working flawlessly. I RMA'd one just a bit after purchase and it now shows a pink tinted image. I took it out of the rotation anyways and bought a Arlo Pro, which is excellent.

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