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Arlo Base Station VMB3500 is one of the best $59 I've ever spent

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Showguy Virtuoso

After 5 years of grief dealing with this system a small miracle has occurred. I like all of you, was a victim of constant off line status, unusable live view waiting times, constant battery drain and just general horrible performance. 3 weeks ago my base went on a permanent off line status. I tried all the usual reset attempts with no luck. I contacted support and got the expected response “ reset the base” , move the base away from other WiFi products , etc BLA BLA BLA. Before throwing my 10 camera investment in the garbage I invested $59 in a new base. The stacked hockey puck sized VMB3500-100NAS. Arlo Accessory - Base Station | Build Our Your Own Arlo Kit | Compatible with PRO 2, Pro, and Arlo Wire-Free Cameras | VMB3500-100NAS I no longer have any offline issues. The app opens and snaps to the status screen. Changing moods is fast. Battery status is no longer eratic. Battery drain because of constant rebooting is gone. Live view works fast and great. Response to alerts is instant. False alarms are way down. Firmware updates are fast and don’t kill all the batteries. My feelings on this is the early bases were simple carry overs from the old Vue systems. As a matter of fact when I threw out the old base there was a Vue sticker on the power supply. I hope this lasts. The system is actually usable and dependable.

Model: VMB3500 | Arlo Base Station