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Would be helpful to have an added feature to the Arlo app to “Snooze” alerts for a period of time.

It would be helpful if we can leave Arlo in the chosen mode but press “Snooze” and it prompts us for how long to snooze alerts (preset options, 15min, 30min 45min 60min, 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours), i.e. The gardeners show up and they’ll be here for an hour so I’m going to “Snooze” for say 60 minutes. Or I’ve got that party tonight so I’m going to “Snooze” for 8 hours. Then it’ll automatically resume notifications after the defined time expires. However the system would still record triggered events according to the selected mode while “Snoozed”.

I want to see Arlo get smarter. My lights seem to be smarter where I can set them on a schedule, I can interrupt that schedule but at the next triggered event they go back to their schedule. Same thing with my sprinklers, they’re on a schedule and I can interrupt that schedule and delay watering for a period of time; it even “knows” when it rains and suggests the delay. I feel Arlo could have that simple option to “Snooze” Alerts.

Could be accessed a few ways, via iPhone app , from home screen with touch press-hard on app icon, to bring up the touch sensitive menu or when an alert opens could be an option present there.
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 I believe this is already in the ideas exchange section. Please find the idea and add kudos to it. The more it gets, the more likely the engineers will consider the idea. I think it's a great idea too