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2 Cameras has stopped working with needing firmware update or not working at all

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I purchased 3 Arlo Cameras for my new home. One camera keep saying the Firmware needs updating. However, when I try updating it doesn’t work. When I check the status of the update, the response is, no updates available.

Whereas the other camera just stopped working. I assumed it was because of low batteries. Therefore, I changed the batteries and the camera stopped working. I tried syncing the camera by holding the sync button on camera and base station simultaneously., to no avail. I purchased a new house and just finalized the renovations and wanted to relocate cameras to more effective locations. Please advise how I can correct this situation. I anxiously anticipate your update.

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Since this is a new system, remove all devices in Settings, My Devices. Hold the base reset button until the LEDs flash amber. Use the Add Device button (web) or + (app) to claim the base. Make sure the batteries have good charge and/or use the charger to power the camera while syncing the cameras. WHen syncing only briefly press the base sync button - don't hold it. When the Camera LED is blinking on the base, press the camera sync button. Update firmware as you go if prompted.