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1 out of 4 Cameras drains batery fast

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If there is one purchase I regretted over the year it is that Arlo system I bought. Sorry but a CCCTV system has to be reliable. Arlo is not! It doesn't even show a Date Time stamp in the videos. Anyways ....


One of my cameras (let's call it Camera A) is draining the battery in a week. It was fine since I bought it but suddenly started. I use Netgear recommended rechargeable batteries. I swapped batteries with a "good" camera (Camera B), no difference, still the batteries from Camera B put into Camera A only lasted a week in Camera A. The batteries I took out of Camera A whcih drained them in a week lasted for months in Camera B. I moved camera A to a new location (I just put it on an outdoor table) no difference. Still drains batteries in about a week compared to months with the other cameras.


Base Station Hardware Version: VMB3010r2 (Different to what I stated above since this wasn't available in the drop down)

Base Station Firmware

Camera hardware version HW11

Camera Firmware Version 1.3.319 (same as other 3 cameras)


Is there a way to set the camera back to factory settings? Or anything else which  could help?


Thanks in advance



Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
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Remove the camera from Settings, My Dev ices and resync is the only way to try to resolve. Otherwise, contact support: