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Arlo Wireless Video Doorbell Installation Experience

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Model AVD2001 - The Video Wireless Doorbell

I had the non-wireless version and could not get it to connect to my mechanical chime, without throwing a "Tamper" alert.

I was hoping and to my delight, that the new model would not the issue, as it should be and IS much simplier.

I am sharing this to help any users out there to fast track their install.


1) The base that the AVD1001 uses is different than the AVD2001, the 2001 is deeper, it is also MUCH better as the wires to your doorbell connect to the base, so the doorbell / camera can come off easily. 
2) The release hole is on the top now, again much easier.
3) Charging the battery is using a microsub cord, provided, and connects to a USB port, very simple.
4) This product connects to your house's 2.4 GHZ network, this was a challenge for me as I have an Asus Zenwifi Network, that I had to reconfigure.  to only support 2.4. The first time I connected to the house network, the doorbell went to look for a firmware update, this failed.
5) Maybe this was a mistake, but I this is what worked for me, which is why I am sharing this.
- I pulled the doorbell off the exterior wall/mounting bracket
- I recharged the battery to full
- I reset the doorbell first by holding the doorbell button and using the reset key in the back, for 15 seconds, I saw the white Led's flash on the doorbell
 - I then did this again, with only the reset key, 15 seconds and again the white leds on the door button flashed.
- I set my phone to shot off Mobile data and to connect only to my 2.4 GHZ network. I also powered off the 2 other mesh nodes in the network, so I only had 1 node (the main one) on, and I was standing next to it. I made sure that SSID for the 2.4 GHZ network was what I was going to use later when I turned my Mesh network back on.
- I went through the app (on Android to connect it), giving it my SSID and PW, the doorbell had the blinking LED, as expected, I went to the QR screen and after a few seconds, 10-15 the doorbell chime went off, and I was able to progress with the rest of the install, I placed the doorbell next to the Mesh router and the firmware update worked.
- I then was ready to connect the doorbell to the base.

MOST Importantly, I set up the traditional chime as as a mechanical chime (this is what never worked with the AVD 1001)

and it "just worked"

I reset my Mesh network back to what I had it - shared 2.4 and 5 ghz, and all is working as expected.

I am writing this because I had issues connecting to my network, I do believe that shutting off the Mobile connection, shutting down the other mesh nodes, and reconfiguring to 2.4 only made this all work - once in this config I was able to reset to the wifi very easily

Really loving the wireless Video Doorbell, hope this helps any of you with installation challenges.

2 thumbs up to Arlo for new wall mount - this is a MUCH better design, and should be used for the next version of the AVD1001


Community Manager
Community Manager



I'm glad to hear you had a good experience installing your Arlo Essential Video Doorbell Wire-Free. Thanks for sharing with the community!




I also have had a good experience so far. I just received mine today this afternoon. Charged fully first for about 3 plus hours. While charging, I removed my old wired doorbell, wired  and secured the base. Once the battery was charged I ran through the setup without a hitch. Did the wired install, tested the mechanical chime successfully. I love the doorbell. I have a strong connection (4 bars) but the connection is a little slow. My other Arlo Cameras are really fast on my network. The doorbell camera picture is gorgeous, and clear. I have an office in a 3 story home so I rely on It's in its infancy so there are some opportunities. 


I use Apple HomeKit for a camera hub. So me, like so many of us out there will really look forward to Arlo and Apple hooking this up ASAP. Marketing for both companies will benefit. Even if it doesn't have the rich integration. I love being able to view the collection of Arlo cameras on any of my apple devices, especially the TV's. The "Alexa" integration needs to be fixed as it will alert but no video integration funtionality at this point. This will be huge! I love Arlo cameras, quality, performance and CLARITY for the home. Before I got these I struggled with their competitors. They just work. I am happy and excited to be an early adopter. I'll add that I have two Ultra series hubs with 5 other cameras (1) Pro 2 (3) Pro3's and (1) Ultra 4K, so I can't wait until the doorbell is compatible with a hub. Lastly, like all devices that use wifi, a solid system is vital. I have a Asus wifi 6 Mesh (4 nodes) that's very fast strong. All my cameras have full 4 full bars so far. We'll see how the doorbell does. But it's really cool how it integrated with my existing wiring and chime. It works perfect. My only issue so far is image load speed. But as I mentioned, it's a very new product, it will get way better. I would recommend it to a friend as the Arlo camera systems get better over time as the R&D team works hard to add features and functionality. Nice initial offering Arlo!

Model: AVD2001 | Arlo Essential Video Doorbell Wire-Free
Discussion stats
  • 2 Replies
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