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sporadic no Arlo smart notifications or recordings in library starting December 26 - case #41359733

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Good morning all, unfortunately I am also starting to have issues again. The issue is not happening all the time but it has started around December 26 for me.  I won't receive any smart notifications from motion triggered within our activity zones where it normally works completely fine. Example, on December 26 an Amazon delivery person walked down my driveway to put a package at my backdoor but I did not receive any smart notifications from the driveway camera when they were walking down the driveway to deliver it or when they left (I should have received two person notifications).  On a second example, last night someone came to our front door where we always receive a person smart notification from our front yard camera did not receive any smart notification or no recording in the library.


I have opened case #41359733 today, emailed Mark from L3 Arlo support who helped me a few weeks ago with beta testing the new base station and camera firmware and tweeted a direct message to the Arlo CEO Mark a well all this morning in hopes of raising awareness to resolve sooner than later.


Lastly, I believe more Arlo camera owners out there are having issues but just are not noticing it because it is sporadic for me.  So if Arlo owners are not paying 100% attention they may not notice they are not receiving all the notifications and recordings missing from the libraries.  Lastly, I believe I read someone else posted on this forum their issues started occurring on December 25 and they stopped receiving all notifications and nothing is being recorded in their library :(.


@JamesC could you please make sure your connections at Arlo are aware please.


thank you all,

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Backend changes have been released to address an issue some users were experiencing the resulted in missing notifications and library recordings. We believe these fixes have addressed the issue, if you're still experiencing this behavior, please contact the Arlo Support Team to further investigate. You will find several options for contacting support in the provided link.