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Ultras in the wind

I guess this happens a lot out there and not a malfunction in any way but when my backyard camera detects grass blowing or a leaf on a windy day it recognises it as a animal which in fact is a bbq or a outdoor chair with four legs or a gas heater stand resembling a person.
Model: VMS5340 | Arlo Ultra 3 Camera Kit
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Re: Ultras in the wind

You can donate the videos to try to improve the accuracy of Smart. Reducing the motion sensitivity may also be useful so blowing objects don't trigger the recordings in the first place.

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Re: Ultras in the wind

Had the same problem when moving to the Ultra cams.  Knocking down the sensitivty really helped out a lot and I also reduced the field of view from the 180* to a smaller view to cut out the trees and such that was really out of the range i wanted anyway.  I donated a bunch of videos to hopefully help as well.


I am getting much better results now, probably with the biggest fix being lower sensitivity.  

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