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Re: Arlo doorbell & new Smarthub compatibility

Assuming you mean the Ultra SmartHub, it's currently not compatible with the doorbell. I expect a future firmware release will fix this.

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Cannot find Arlo Doorbell or Arlo Chime

Is the Arlo Doorbell and Arlo Chime compatible with the newer Base Station which comes with Arlo Ultra 4-pack.

I have tried all the solutions from the community suggestions, to pair the Doorbell and/or Chime with the Base Station (new model), but it simply doesn't find it. 

Yes I have tried everything including restarting, resetting Base Station and Router/Wi-Fi, restoring Base Station to factory settings, everything but nothing works. I have tried all permutation and combinations of powering on Chime and Doorbell. All devices are next to each other during the setup but the Base Station is still not able to find either the Chime or the Doorbell.

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brh Master

Re: Cannot find Arlo Doorbell or Arlo Chime


Currenty the Arlo doorbell and chime do not work with the Ultra system, but there are plans in the near future to add them to the system.



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arlo ultra together with doorbell

Is anybody using the arlo doorbell with the new ultra cameras? I tried to add my arlo doorbell to the ultra base station but it will only recognize my old base station. That is problematic for me since I want to use the ultra with my doorbell

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Community Manager

Re: arlo ultra together with doorbell



The ability to sync your Arlo doorbell to your SmartHub is coming in a future firmware release. This is not yet available.



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Re: arlo ultra together with doorbell

Does anyone search for answers and read threads before posting?

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Re: Arlo doorbell & new Smarthub compatibility

Will there be an email notification for the firmware update? I bought the doorbell at the same time I purchased the Arlo Ultra, and it’s frustrating to not have full use of both products. It’s also frustrating to have to keep checking back to see if the problem has been resolved.
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