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Ultra - Local and Remote Live Streaming

I used to have the Iris security system, which has gone the way of the dinosaurs, so I'm shopping for a replacement and considering the Ultra or Pro2.  There are many more features, and I'm not sure I understand if the "Local and Remote Live Streaming" feature will need a subscription after the first year with the Ultra system.


I have some questions about the different options to view live video, explained on Arlo's web page: "How do I stream in 4K with my Arlo Ultra camera?"


The 1st option to "view live video in 4K from Arlo Ultra" :
" • Your mobile device is connected to the same *local network* as your Arlo SmartHub or base station. This lets you live stream 4K content."
(The Ultra User Manual says the same thing on page 17.)


Q1 : I'm reading this to mean my mobile device is connected to my router (like a hotspot), and I use the app to view live video. Correct?


I understand the 2nd option, using a microSD card.


The 3rd option:
" • You subscribed to the Arlo Premier Video add-on service to store motion recordings in 4K quality to the Arlo Cloud to access wherever you have a mobile date connection."

Q2 : Is the 3rd option the only way to view "live" video remotely?


Q3 : Is it possible to live stream remotely in 1080p without a subscription?
I found this page:
"Without a service plan, your Arlo Ultra camera will continue to have the following feature...
• Remote and local live streaming

I like the microSD card recording feature of the Ultra, but trying to decide if it's worth the investment over the Pro2.


Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
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