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Ultra Cameras don't seem to want to stay connected or goes offline

I have one camera will not stay connected, the camera has been in the same room as the hub station since I bought them 3-4weeks ago.  Both the 'regular' live view and view to position the camera time out all the time, it even times out while in the middle of recording a motion detection. Some times I get a message that says  "The request timed out", but more often than not I get this message about the camera, "This Arlo device is offline Please make sure it is connected to the Internet. Visit for help." 

My Internet is fine.  All 3 other cameras work fine and are farther away from the hub (one outside, one in the basement and one on the second floor).  Seems to be the same issue if I try to view on web or on mobile App.  the camera was on the same bookshelve as the hub, then I moved it about 10ft from the hub, and is now about 5ft in front of the hub. The placement doesn't seem to matter much. 
Camera is H6 v, Hub is VMB5000r4 v
Model: VMS5440 | Arlo Ultra 4 Camera Kit
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Re: Ultra Cameras don't seem to want to stay connected or goes offline

contact here for warranty ;

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Re: Ultra Cameras don't seem to want to stay connected or goes offline

I have the exact same issue. 

I bought the 4 arlo ultra camera bundle. 3 cameras work great, but one of them is very often losing connection and trying to connect (the blue lights are flashing). I can't get a live picture most of the time, and I get the errors you describe most of the time. It works maybe 20% of the time. 

I'll look into contacting support for the warranty on that one camera, and let you know how it goes and if I get a new one.


(Oh, I'm trying to contact support right now through the online chat. It asks for the product you have, but doesn't allow selecting Arlo Ultra.... so I had to select something else - I chose Arlo Pro 2... then I'll tell the chat person when they get on). Simple things like this, Arlo. Please put more effort into the details!

Model: VMS5440 | Arlo Ultra 4 Camera Kit
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Re: Ultra Cameras don't seem to want to stay connected or goes offline

I have the same issue.  I bought the 2 camera Ultra bundle.  I have 1Gbps symmetrical fiber connection.  I have run all troubleshooting I have found on the forum and what I know of wireless networking in general.  I am a CCNA, so trust me when I say I have rigorously troubleshot these cameras and their connectivity.  All firmware has been updated on all three devices.  Power cycled many times.  Multiple placement configurations.  There is very little WiFi interference here, so that is not the issue.  Tried all available settings on the cameras, in all combinations, to no avail. 


I purchased this camera set for my wife to feel 100% confident that she would be able to audio/visual monitor our two very young children while they are in bed.  She hasn't slept since I made this change.  I was supposed to be doing something wonderful for her... but from her perspective, I made things far worse.  Why is it complicated for these cameras to stay connected to a wireless network?  And furthermore, why can they not simply reconnect without issue and just keep on keeping on?  For the price of these cameras, it is clear that next to NONE of the funding is going to QA (That's "Quality Assurance" for those of you who do not work in the tech industry). I'm very disappointed with this purchase and am days away from returning this product and moving on and never looking back to Arlo for my surveillance needs. That's sad to say. 


Coming from a very cheap surveillance solution prior to these cameras, I got "spoiled" (another thing that is sad to say), with software on my phone that allowed me to do audio monitoring of any selected cameras left running in the background.  Why would you not have thought of this?  Did anyone on this development team actually come from or investigate other surveillance solutions out there?  This is a very common feature of ip camera solutions on the market today.  


I am disappointed that this camera system is not doing these basic things that I expect it to.  All of the other bell/whistle solutions sounded great, and I wouldn't mind if they weren't spot on.  But this is not a solution, it's a problem.  It doesn't allow for surviellance, not reliable.  When leaving the app open and the camera streaming to the app, be it on the iPhone or the web app on my MacBookPro, the feed should not stop.  If there is a connection issue, it should automatically reconnect and I shouldn't be the wiser. If there is no connection issues, which there shouldn't be, it most definitely should not stop streaming and leave you thinking all is well, becuase you don't hear anything.  Mean while my daughter is screaming her lungs out at the other end of the house at 4:00am and I'm sleeping sound thinking all is well.  This is beyond unacceptable.  


I read that back in January, this was a major issue for consumers, and this was supposed to have been fixed in a firmware update.  Has a new firmware release caused this issue to reoccur?  Is anyone addressing this issue currently?  This is need to know information, as I am at the verge of making a full return for full refund and expressing my full experience on all social media outlets and product review forums.  I would much rather be talking about how amazing these cameras are, trust me.  Even if it requires a fix to get us there, I know problems can come up.  But when they disrupt the main function of the product, they need to be resolved immediately.

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Re: Ultra Cameras don't seem to want to stay connected or goes offline



Given the effort already taken to troubleshoot the issue, I recommend contacting the Arlo Support Team for further assistance. You will find several options for contacting support in the provided link. If you need any assistance opening a ticket, please let me know.




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