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How to fix this debacle.

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BestBuyGuy Apprentice

Since the mindless executives and product managers aren't stepping up to fix this, let me offer how you can turn this situation around. Make no mistake, this product launch failure is going to be fatal if you don't do something major right now.

1. Restore the basic 7 day plan for the Ultra.

2. Offer early victims some sort of benefit or compensation for beta testing this failure.

3. Pull the product until it is ready.


Do this NOW and you will recover. Keep going the way you are and you will need to update your resume on Monster.

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MedStudent Guide

Arlo cannot afford to change their packaging, exchange the enclosed cheaper accessories, or make-up for the failed release to everyone. The fastest way to resolve their problem is to:


1. Redefine what Arlo Smart Plans are in UHD

Change what UHD  Cloud Recording means under Arlo Smart plans. 4K quality uses nearly 4 times as much data; the structure needs to mirror their prior models and fit into their packaging. The easiest way is to just change the days so the camera number makes the same. 

Free: 1 Day

Premier: 7 Days 

Elite: 14 Days

Premium Add Ons:

Basic: Extended to 5 Days 

Smart: Extended to 30 Days

Elite: Extended to 60 Days


Someone with a Basic plan can pay for UHD on up to 5 cameras but by the 5th camera the $99 Smart Plan would be $4 more ($19 annual  x  5 = $95) and entice people to upgrade with 2 additional days and the Smart/Elite Features (even more so if paying the annual $29 a year for those features on any of their cameras). Most people are going to get the needed SmartHub for UHD with a plan and hopefully miss the additional cloud recording/Smart features after the first year anyway (as opposed to buying a refurbished SmartHub.)


This would also leave the market for other consumers who'd like 7 free days of 1080P on the Arlo Pro 2 system.


2. Membership Time

Smart plan time should obviously stack. This seems basic and an easy fix. My account can't even access the 4k upgrade options.


3. SmartHub

The SmartHub at minimum should have Arlo Pro 2's range/lag/connection capacity. If they have the SmartHubs have the ability to oneday become mesh systems (where cameras and hubs are listed under the same location under an account) and extend a home's range then that should be stated.


If those were met, and the Ultra's had the advertised 4k quality, then I believe it will be fine; but Best Buy has a 14 day return policy for basic customers.



LarryQwest Star

I'm with BestBuyGuy on this one. Restore the basic plan, stop selling this failure, and give people something for their troubles. What has happened to zincyellowcobra is almost criminal. Keep is simple and most importantly act fast and now! The blogs/reviews out there are hammering you!

JamesC Community Manager
Community Manager

We've heard your concerns and have an exciting announcement based on your feedback. Take a look here for more information: Local and Remote Access to Local Storage for Arlo Ultra via Arlo App Expected in Second Half of 2019



Paul_FCCL Virtuoso

Very timely and “Arlo Smart” decision, glad to see that!

I firmly believe it to be a lifesaver for Arlo and its worldwide users community.

Common sense rules again!


BestBuyGuy Apprentice

@JamesC wrote:

We've heard your concerns and have an exciting announcement based on your feedback. Take a look here for more information: Local and Remote Access to Local Storage for Arlo Ultra via Arlo App Expected in Second Half of 2019



Bravo. That decision alone will save this product IF you also fix the counteless software issues to go with it. If the performance doesn't improve substantially then all the accumulated negative press will still cause it to fail. About F'ing time a good descision was made. The fact that it comes in the second half of 2019 is irrelevant because of the free 1 year storage, so take your time to make it bug free.

LarryQwest Star

Yes, that is is a big step in the right direction if it works as intended. Big IF with Arlo's track record. This local recording access feature should have been available from the get-go for all cameras. You shouldn't have had to rip out your flash drive to see your videos, but they wanted to push you into paid subscriptions. If this feature will also work with the Pro and Pro 2 cameras (even if you need to buy the new base station), that will be a big win for all of us. All of this is a moot point if you can't quickly fix the problems with the Ultra's performance.