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How to Upgraded 'Smart Elite' to get 4K Recording?

I had an existing Arlo Pro 2 system, with an active 'Arlo Smart Elite' plan. I have just replaced my base stations and cameras with the Arlo Ultra. I am however not getting motion recordings in 4k. From research on here it looks like I may need to upgrade to Premium Video, but this option is not shown anywhere so I can't add it to my plan. Whilst logged in to my account, I go into Subscriptions, and Change Plan, but there is nothing about Premium Video and no mention anywhere of 4K. I'm in the UK if that makes any difference.


How do I get recordings in 4k please?

Model: VMC5040 | Arlo Ultra Add-On Camera
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Re: How to Upgraded 'Smart Elite' to get 4K Recording?



Once you've gone into subscription settings, select your current Elite subscription and click continue, you should then see the PVR plan. Take a look here for step by step instructions on how to see PVR options: What Arlo subscription do I need to record videos with 4K resolution?



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