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Arlo Ultra notification lag on motion detection

This issue has been raised and closed.

I am still confused - the issue is not fixed but all discussion relating to this is closed.

Is developer aware of this issue - and are you working on a fix on next release of firmware?

Yes, I have tried positioning the camera, plug camera directly to the power source, internet speed uploads and download is strong. Expected 3 - 5 sec is ok range but not 20 plus sec to receive a notification.

Model: VMS5240 | Arlo Ultra 2 Camera Kit
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Re: Arlo Ultra notification lag on motion detection



With Smart analytics, it takes additional time to analyze the video prior to determining if a notification should be sent, this can cause a delay in receiving the notification. Longer recordings could also be increasing that delay. Try shortening the length of your recordings to see if you have better results.



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Re: Arlo Ultra notification lag on motion detection

Hi James.

First of all Thankyou for responding.

The video that is captured is very short anyhow 15 - 30-sec max. I did try to set it down to 15 sec no improvement.

In my opinion - notification on motion detection should not video recoding or completion of video recording.

I m pretty to new to Arlo Product, this is the second week of using it... though I think a lot needs to be improved.

1.  Improve lag on motion notification.

2.  Improve sensitivity to detect motion. ( Yes I have gone through the how-to best positioning of the camera)

3. Improve faster launch of the app and live stream.

4. The two-way speaker should be enabled as a live stream (to eliminate further wait time if needing to use it )

5. Should provide 7-day free cloud storage as per Pro1, and Pro2 (off course video can be set the same limit does need to be 4K)

6. Community Discussion - very confusing. 

    Some issue is unanswered yet closed.

    Solution or any update - there should be place at the top of discussions.

   eg.  I have a discussion active regarding noise sound issue but have no idea how this is progressing and when an ETA              for a solution.

7. Announcements

   Like to see a list of what your developers are working on ETA release date. ETA should be readily updated.

8. Support

  Lack of contact information provided here no details of the phone number and email available.


Hope you can address these issues.







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Re: Arlo Ultra notification lag on motion detection

Hi James,

Is there any development to improve response time for SMART alert?

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Re: Arlo Ultra notification lag on motion detection



As mentioned, Smart Alerts take a longer to arrive due to the video being analyzed to determine if an alert needs to be sent or not.


You can turn off Arlo Smart for your cameras by navigating to Settings > Manage Arlo Smart > drag desired cameras to "inactive".


Once you've disabled Arlo Smart, notifications should be nearly instant but they will not indicate the type of motion detected.



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