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Arlo Ultra not detecting motion or recording video when it does

Hi all,


New to the forum so apologies if this has been asked before.


I recently bought an Arlo Ultra 3 camera pack to replace my older Arlo wireless cameras. they awre all set-up without issue and detected motion & recorded videos. Recently (in the last week or so) I've noticved that the cameras aren't detecting any motion, even when I'm walking directly infornt of them. Thsi morning my wife fed our 2 dogs and the camera didn't detect anything. quite a worry for a securioty camera.


I've gone to the support page and verfiied that my cameras are placed correctly. My wifi is strong (I've setup a mesh network, and the base station is placed central to all the cameras. My house isn't huge so the cameras aren't far away and have strong signal strength.


So I'm hoping the community will have some ideas or have sufferred the same issues as me.


Thanks in advance.



Model: VMS5340 | Arlo Ultra 3 Camera Kit
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brh Master

Re: Arlo Ultra not detecting motion or recording video when it does


First verify on the Devices page that the motion detection icon is turning amber when motion is detected. If so, try this as I had this problem once before on 3 of my 6 Ultras. I think the firmware for these cameras got messed up.

1) Remove the camera from the account. 

2) Power cycle the hub.

3) Re-install the camera.

Do this in the above order for each camera.

If the motion icon is not turning amber on motion detection, that is a different problem.




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