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Re: Arlo Base Station Appearing Offline

dchincom Tutor

Provider: Spectrum

6 Arlo Pro 2 setup. Sadly, I can't tell what firmware is installed now.

App and Website is stuck "Getting Status", then reports offline.

Base Station has 3 green lights, but the internet light does occasionally blink.

Tried power cycling the base station and hitting the Sync button.

Seems to have started sometime on Sunday.


Model: VMC4030P| Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free | Web Site/App
AlvaroMacias Aspirant
Base Station firmware:VMB4000r3
Device type showing offline (Arlo, Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2, Arlo Baby, Arlo Q, etc.): arlo pro
Internet Service Provider: Mediacom
Exact error message:
The application used (iOS, Android, Web):ios
pimag66 Aspirant

Yes, my base is also offline. Im glad that I checked in. My base has been offline all day, I notice at about 9am pacific time, still offline 8:45pm...................

Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
jayoma Star
Hey Arlo! How about you roll back the latest firmware update so we don’t all have to go another night without our cameras?

Play with firmware updates on your own time, and in a proper staging environment, before rolling your broken updates out to your user base!
Arlo Employee Retired

Hello all,


Just wanted to give you guys a quick update that Engineering has a possible fix that we are in the process of testing. Thank you for your patience while we work to resolve this issue. This thread will be updated as soon as we have more information. 


Dawn Marshall

Community Manager, Arlo

AppleArlo Star
Thank you. At last some feedback!!!
Allsport2233 Guide

Thanks for the update.


When there is an outage like this there should be a bulletin on the login screen alerting users of an outage and a  timeframe for resolution.  Otherwise, your support team is going to be very busy answering the same calls.

colinml Initiate

Base Station firmware:

Device type showing offline (Arlo, Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2, Arlo Baby, Arlo Q, etc.): Arlo

Internet Service Provider: Comcast

Exact error message: The message on the Devices tab is "Your  device appears to be offline," (over each camera screen shot).  When viewing the Mode tab, the message is "Your base unit is offline". 

The application used (iOS, Android, Web): Both iOS and web.  Behavior is slightly different on iOS vs web.  


Logging out then back in seems to allow me to momentarily activate the cameras in real time, but I cannot do anything else, such as enter the mode tab.  After a few moments of viewing the cameras, the error message pops up.


dpenhos Aspirant
Serial 4r03717ja82aa
Offilne appearing
Service provider TELMEX Infinitum
Can't check firmware version
Andoid and iOS
Right led flashing yellow
Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
Arena531 Aspirant
Our system I said offline since early this morning. It'll say it's updating then go to offline again. The internet is fine we have the computer and TVs on with no problem. Hardware is H7. The serial number is 4N-727-8727 C 0 A 7. Attempting to access through Android. We have the Arlo wire-free system
canig00 Aspirant

Model: Arlo Pro Wire Free

Serial Number: 4R04787UA7AB3

Hardware: VMB4000r3

Version: 2.4.12_20632

Released: 04/13/18

Firmware: Unknown

Internet Provider: Spectrum


Proceeded with the update this morning and the system hasn't worked ever since. Getting "Your Arlo device appears offline. Please make sure it's powered on and connected to the internet." Mode of the Base unit says "Offline". Need help please!

Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
MajorProblem Initiate

Arlo Hub Model: VMB4000r3

Win 7 PC

Android "Oreo" ver.  Phone

ASUS wireless/wired ethernet latest patch.

Arlo integrated with Wink home automation system.


Brief acces to live camera view and snapshot of last view from local memory card. Last Library recording from 5 days ago. (May 10). Changing tab/view on any platform changes all devices to "Offline etc. . .

Rossco66 Aspirant

Mine also offline. Tried numerous reset and appears to have gone offline with the recent update???

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
mwhitecarter Aspirant

internet carrier- AT&T U-verse


Arlo and Arlo pro cameras


Message- Base station offline

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
JL07 Aspirant
Arlo Pro
Base station off line cameras do not work
Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
asoldham Aspirant

VMB4000 Pro Base Station

Showing 'Your base station is offline' in iPhone app after upgrade of the app and firmware upgrade of the base station.

ISP: Comcast


Left the firmware upgrade of the base station for about 30 mins... then powered off/on with no improvement.



Hope it's not bricked 😞

Skridsko Star

We have two base stations with 4+1 cameras in the same remote location, one works and one doesn't.


Netgear - you need:

1. first of all to implement and integrate a so much better test and quality assurance process in your software development, roll-out, and maintenance work.

2. to communicate status of your systems (easily and quickly found on your web) 

Arlo is supposed to be a home security system!


Base station 1 with 4 cameras that was forced to manually accept firmware update yesterday. After that the same problems as everbody here.

Base Station firmware: ??? ("Getting status...")

Device type showing offline: Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2

Internet Service Provider: Swedish ISP (works fine)

Exact error message: "Your arlo device appears offline..."

The application used (iOS, Android, Web): Android, Web (some live streaming works occasionally)

Base station 2 with 1 camera with no manual FW upgrade. Works ok as before.

Base Station firmware: (HW VMB4000r3)

Device type showing offline: Arlo Pro

Internet Service Provider: Same as above

The application used (iOS, Android, Web): Android, Web (both work)

Model: VMC4030| Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera,VMC4030P| Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free | Web Site/App
dodacoruba1963 Initiate


Hardware VMB3010r2

Serial Number 48D35B74A07C1


Keeps saying Your base Station is Offline

Internet Service Provider - Telstra

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
jayoma Star
@Skridsko I couldn’t agree more!

Another need:

3. a way for users to disable automatic firmware upgrades (so we can wait and see if a given release is stable, by monitoring this forum).

And you’re exactly right.. this is supposed to be a home security system, with a primary function of providing peace of mind. Arlo: you guys have not been measuring up lately. We expect and deserve more.
jayoma Star
@AngeloM can you give us an update?

Also, can you float the above ideas/suggestions to the developers & decision makers? I think you have a thread specifically for “floating ideas,” but here’s a real world example with real world suggestions from your users. I hope you guys take note. I’m really not trying to get aggressive in my posts, I’m just fed up (like so many others here) with the outages. It shouldn’t happen.
Arlo Employee Retired

Good evening Arlo Community,


Thank you one and all for providing valuable details about your environment while experiencing base station offline issues. We have just deployed another fix that we are hopeful has now resolved this issue. We would greatly appreciate your continued feedback to validate if the update has brought your base station back online for all platforms (web, iOS, and Android).


Please note: We are still working on isolating and fixing a few other issues mentioned over the course of today and hope to deploy additional fixes as soon as possible. 


I look forward to hearing your results. 


Best Regards,


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MajorProblem Initiate

My system appears to be back to normal at this time.

Allsport2233 Guide
System appears to be restored in the Chicago area.
jayoma Star
Yep, back up!

Thank you @ChristineT for the update.
Skridsko Star

Our also looks ok at a quick glance (at the moment).