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Arlo Security Light - FAQ & Resources

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Introducing the new Arlo Security Light System. A motion-activated, weather-resistant LED lighting system that works together with Arlo Security Cameras for an integrated outdoor security solution, with convenient wire-free setup.


Need help with your Arlo Security Light System? We have gathered all the resources you'll need to get started. Check out these YouTube videos below:


How to Setup the Arlo Security Light System:



Placement & Helpful Tips:



How to Setup Cross-Triggering Rules:



If you would like to read on how to setup your Arlo Security Light System, and some other helpful resources, check out these articles below:



If you need any more help on your Arlo Security Light System, visit Arlo Support for more articles and resources. And for the official announcement, click here to see the press release.


Buy your Arlo Security Light System now on Amazon and Best Buy.


Thank you for being part of the Arlo family!


i just bought a light at best buy... it said it needed a bridge... i asked them did they just rename the base station a bridge, and will the camera synchronize with the base station. They said yes.....

Well it does not appear to do that.

My base station tells me that there is no update for the firmware... but does not tell me what version it is.


i try to install with my computer,  the message i get is go to IOS or to google play and get the app

I load arlo on to my ipad and press add device / arlo light... and nothing.


for a 170.00 light fixture.. this is a bit much.

Recommendation get it to sync with the base station so one can see all arlo devices in one place and create the settings in one place.


ps... where are all the faq's  i am lost in the community section, where really i would like to see a FAQ tab at the top of your page under support.


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The lights do use a bridge and not your cameras' base. You can buy a lights system that includes the bridge and that will allow you to set the light up.


The FAQs (or support docs) are found in the Support link at the top or Contact Support link at the bottom. You can browse all FAQs there or select a product and view the ones that are pertinent for your device(s).

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