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When Will Arlo Smart Subscription Be Available In UAE?

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emirates_guy Follower

is there any possibility that arlo smart subscription will be available in United Arab Emirates soon?

nest and ring have their plans available for while here

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ShayneS Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

We will post any future updates here on the website. Make sure to stay tuned.

tgm13 Initiate
I've been waiting for it for 2 years. And every time I can hear "soon", "we will update you soon". I have purchased 6 cameras and I can't use them.
Kiyanoosh Aspirant
Are you working on the same or not ?
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tgm13 Initiate
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CTSIKI Aspirant

It is Really dissapointing. I have 9 cameras and i can't use them. All of us need an official answer, when we will be able to subscribe for a smart plan in UAE. What is the use then of selling the cameras here?

Guru jguerdat Guru

Sure you can, just not all together. Use a second account with a second email address. Using a second base, claim tthe base on the new account and sync the extra cameras to it. Use Settings, Grant Access from the new account to the original so everything shows up in one login. It's not quite the same but close.


We may never know the reasons for why only certain countries can have the extra subscriptions. It may be due to legal and or financial reasons or even somehow security.

dmakhkamov Aspirant

I bought Arlo Ultra from Amazon. Had tons of issues for activity zones. Figured out that its due to the fact that my promised 1 year plan is not there. When I tried to get it, it says Not supported country. I'll try to VPN, but definately recommending to go for Nest or Ring in community groups in Dubai

huskay Aspirant

When is the subscription coming to UAE? Why we dont have it ?
I can see posts for over a year with no answer?

huskay Aspirant

Any update?

mohadxb Aspirant

Is there any update ? it's been a year we are waiting smart plan in UAE. What's the use of selling those products in UAE if there are no possibility to use full capacity of all the features ?

Thank you 

Jasim Aspirant
Dear Arlo Team,
kindly update the status of the availability for Smart Subscription in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
I have three cameras in total (2 pro 2 and 1 ultra)
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