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Smart plan does it work in the caribbean?

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i have 7 arlo pro 2 cameras. two are currently inactive because i cant purchase arlo smart plan. online chat takes hours before anyone actually helps you. need this fixed asap.

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There are only select countries that can subscribe to the various plans. There's an FAQ here that spells out which ones can get them - if yours isn't listed, you can't get them. 


A possible workaround is to remove all devices from Settings, My Devices, use a VPN between your router and another country such as the US and set the system back up. It can work but you may need some serious expertise to make it work, depending on your router, ISP, etc. 


The only other solution would be to remove all devices as above, take the system to the US and set it up there. Once set up, you can subscribe and move the system back to your home.

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Arlo subscription plans and cloud recording


See the section: Worldwide Service Plan Pricing

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