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Smart Subscription not letting me move cameras to active

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Pheonix1996 Follower
I paid for a year subscription to smart features for both of my Arlo Go cameras. Ever since the purchase I have not been able to activate the features. It says that the subscription is there and that the features are active on the two cameras but when I go to try and set up the features it says both cameras are inactive. When I move them to active it says I am not enrolled in the smart plan. Thus making the whole purchase completely useless. I’ve contacted Arlo support, I’ve spoken to netgear. Both of them couldn’t give me any reasoning or resolutions. They said they would refund me but never have. They said they would keep me posted on what they where doing to try and resolve my issue and never did. I’m pulling my hair out because My smart subscription is coming close to having to be renewed and I am yet to even be able to use the features! Someone help me with some answers or advice!
JessicaP Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hey Pheonix1996,


Let me reach out to you via private message to gather more information from you regarding this.

AZH1 Aspirant

Have arlo go. I just unpacked it.


I tried to move camera from inactive to active in the smart notification section and it says "user not enrolled in plan". 


I have the free 1 month and I have paid for, canceled, signed up again....tried on safari, chrome, firefox, ipad and iphone. This is ridiculous. The camera isn't cheap by any means and it doesn't even work correctly....from the forums it looks like I am not the first with this issue. 

Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
JessicaP Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hey AZH1,


If you're having problems trying to add your Arlo Go to the Smart Subscription, I would suggest to contact the Support Team to further investigate this issue. You will find several options for contacting support in the provided link.