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Re: No sound notifications

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ralfyguy1 Apprentice

I upgraded to Arlo Smart Premier last night and added two cameras. I have three Arlo Pros and four Basic Arlo cameras on the base station with the siren.

I have an LG G6 and my wife has an Galaxy S7 Active. Both phones get the push notifications and they both vibrate but do not play the notification sound. I rebooted the phones and the base station several times. I also reinstalled the latest app on both. This was no issue before the upgrade when I was still on the Basic plan.  Any ideas?


Oh and BTW, there is STILL that bug when you uninstall the app and reinstall it, the notifications double for each event. You have to delete your Google Backup and disable it and the reinstall the app again.

Wklovelace3 Virtuoso
I have smart also and it does act up on me too. Sometimes i get no notifications. It records but fails to recognize its a person. Have also had issues with it recording double videos in the library. Same video twice
ralfyguy1 Apprentice

I just don't understand why both phones do not get any sound notifications. This is actually what matters most. If I have to contantly monitor the screens for popups then this whole thing is useless. So far Arlo Smart delivers less functionality than before, because before the sound notifications worked. I am actually mad at myself now that I subscribed, because I should have know better that Arlo is nothing but a train wreck!

Wklovelace3 Virtuoso
Im getting notifications but now my batteries have started draining again. They were fine since the may update. Last two nights i have lost 10% per night while on and disarmed. No videos no live view. It sounds like there recent firmware updates have screwed things up once again
RobertRosal Virtuoso

Same here, Samsung S7 Active and phone Vibrates rather than alerting by sound.  It is intermittent though, once in a blue moon it will work but most of the time just Vibrates.

JessicaP Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hey @RobertRosal,


Are you on the latest version for the Arlo app? Try reinstalling the app and see if that fixes the issue. And try to disable the notification sound and save and re-enable it again.

ralfyguy1 Apprentice

That does not help, because the app has fundamental flaws that simply don't get addressed. The update was nothing but a functional step back, no problems have been addressed.

ZackScott Aspirant

I too have this issue, and I've had the problem for months. I've been through customer support a few times with no help. I had to cancel Arlo Smart and return to the basic plan just so that notifications will have sound. I looked up reviews on Google Play and have seen other users report the same thing. Like I said, this has existed for months with no improvement. I've tested on three Android phones, including my new one, the Google Pixel 3 XL.

Alch Tutor

I have the exact same issue today, not sure how it started it.  The way to fix it is as followed:


1) Reinstall your app

2) Under mode -> Disarmed 

3) Under mode -> Armed or Scheduled

4) Clear user data/cache data


Then, you should be able to get notifications with default sound again. 

However, you cannot get custom sound, vibration, or LED lights (support will escalate this case). 


Also, it will be better if users do not have to reset the app to make it work.  Hopefully, Arlo can fix this in the future as well. 

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