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NZ Based - how to get Arlo Smart US Account working with Arlo Smart?

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I am in New Zealand and purchased a full arlo pro 2 system with the understanding Arlo Smart would be out very soon. I even checked such with the team at Netgear. I purchased the top of the line gear to now find out the Arlo Smart service is available only in USA.

I guess it make sense them trying to trim back International Data...

Regardless.. anyone know if I created a New Netgear Account on USA VPN and then connected my Base Station to the new USA Account.... would the Arlo Smart work??

I’m sure alot of people would benefit from this service. Primarily for me it will mean the alarms stop going off when the dog walks past.

Guru Guru

Coupla things:


- Arlo is not Netgear. They split quite a while ago. Make sure you're dealing with Arlo.


- A VPN has been used in the past but you'll also need a US-based credit card to pay.