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Free Trial Experience Cancelled After 2 Days.

I recently got around to trying the 'Arlo Smart' service using the free one month trial,... mainly because I had been getting way too many spurious notifications since I installed my Arlo Doorbell.


Good news:  my problem with spurious notifications stopped. ;-)

Bad news:  no matter how I configured the system, the 'smart activity zones', etc. my Arlo camera never triggered once, despite 'dancing on the doorstep' in front of it.


So, after two days, and many wasted hours, I just went back to 'Basic' and evenrything started working again. 

Perhaps I'll risk trying this again in a few months, assuming Netgear ever sort out the cloud service issues.  (but I'm certainly not going to  pay money to try it again, or spend days of my life on customer support calls debugging flaky software!)

Model: VMC4030 | Arlo Pro Wire-Free Camera
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