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Does motion sensor of the doorbell trigger camera and chime? Or does motion camera trigger chime?

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The app drives me crazy...but here’s what I want and it’s conceivable there is a hidden way to do this.

I bought this set up specifically for package delivery because they never bother to ring or knock. They just dump the package on the path to the door. Where I’m confused is, does the motion sensor of the Doorbell trigger the camera? And cause a chime? Or does the motion in the camera trigger the chime?

I’d like the camera to record events but not trigger a chime especially when people are sleeping.

I’d like the doorbell to chime when it sees someone walk past it. Even if they are too feeble to press the bell.

Is this the way it’s designed? Trying to navigate the scripted disaster that is the support site is nearly impossible. Generally it locks up my otherwise extremely reliable iPad Pro.

Recently our doorbell chime inside the house has been randomly chiming. It’s extremely annoying. We have other monitored cameras — it’s not like no one is “looking”. I just needed to be able to get my packages off the stoop and out of the 100° heat as fast as I can. I work from home so I’m here. That’s how I know that post office never rings and amazon maybe once out of ten. We get a lot of deliveries of supplies etc. nearly daily plus food from amazon fresh. I should call it amazon wilted lol.

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I guess you're talking about a video doorbell. If so, motion triggers a response which can be Do Nothing, Record Video or Activate Siren. There's also notifications that can be set. All you need to do is to edit your modes and rules to see the options. The chime/call won't happen unless the doorbell is pressed. The chime won't go off when someone walks by - that's a doorbell press. Notifications can be set for motion-triggered events. You can also create modes to set in a schedule for different settings for different times.


The chime sounding randomly is different. Are you using the Arlo chime or an existing/traditional one? For the latter, it may imply an issue with the transformer and/or power adapter (if installed). If not, perhaps a reset of the doorbell could help.