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Delayed android notifications

I've searched and found a bunch of threads about this, but none seem to have a solution. Since updating my Arlo app, my notifications are showing up anywhere from 2-10 minutes after actually recording the video, which does me no good.


An example, this is what my current notification says:

Arlo 10:15 AM

Vehicle detected on Street at 10:05 AM


I have already gone through all my android settings and made sure that the power save is turned off for this app and there are no data usage restrictions. It is ONLY my Arlo app that is having this issue.  Another thread mentioned that it might be the Arlo Smart that is causing the issue. I haven't tried disabling that yet, but I'm going to be really frustrated if I have to keep that off. I have a ton of animals that wander through my property, and it's really nice to see when it's an animal so I know I don't need to watch the video immediately.

Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
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Re: Delayed android notifications

Hi @Kammfam,


Try to remove the Arlo camera off from the Arlo Smart notification and try re-adding again to see if that helps. 

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Re: Delayed android notifications

There is no way to remove the camera from the smart notifications. The system requires you to have at least one Smart category turned on for each camera that is on the paid subscription.

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Re: Delayed android notifications

Use the Edit link at the top of the Smart settings and move the camera to Deactivated.

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Re: Delayed android notifications

Just completely disconnect the camera from the system? Yeah... I've already done that. 

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