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Re: aking Videos When Nothing Is Happening?

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My camera takes video practically every minute. I have altered the sensitivity but hasn’t helped. One of the connections to one battery is missing and I have used some foil to connect it. Might this be why it’s not working properly and can it be repaired. 

Thank you

Model: VMC3030 | Arlo Wire-Free Camera
Guru Guru

There's no repair as such but if the camera is within the 1 year warranty period you may be able to get it replaced by using the Contact Support link at the bottom here.


In any event, the battery connection itself can't be the problem although I suppose the way it went missing could have somehow damaged something inside.  You say you've lowered the sensitivity - in your modes and rules and not the motion test, right? You can try removing and resyncing the camera to see if that helps.