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Questions about features with motion, recording, live viewing, etc.

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I have several questions before I can commit to purchasing an arlo package. If anyone could help, it would be appreciated. If I get a motion alert, and start viewing the camera live, is it still recording? If I'm viewing the camera live, and motion occurs, does it start recording? Is there a limit to how long I can watch live? How long does live viewing take to queue up (if someone rings my doorbell, and I want to see who is there, how long does that take)?

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- I haven't run into this personally but, based on reports here, I believe the recording must finish before being able to live view. Maybe someone with direct knowledge will jump in.

- Live viewing supersedes motion detection. If you want a recordings while using live view you must manually record.

- Live view times out at ~30 minutes to preserve the battery.

- I just tested my camera covering the front door (not my Arlo video doorbell) and it took ~5 seconds for display.