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Arlo Smart delayed notifications and customizing notification sound doesn't work

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DeniB Initiate



I have deleted and re-installed the Arlo App, hoping the issue with the notifications would be fixed.


I updated to Arlo pro 2 (I own now 7 cameras) and it worked well the first days, but now I am recieveing the notifications very late after motion is detected.

I also can't chage the sound for the notifications. 


How can I fix this issue?





slompochomp Luminary

I am not sure how well the base station is as far as wifi. You have 7 devices setup on it and i'm no genius but I am guessing your getting close to the cap on the capability of it. Lets face it...the base station is not a highend router. This may be your issue as far as delay.
You could try a Hard Reset and see if that clears things up.

How can I reset my Arlo base station to the default values?

as far as chageing the sound for the notifications thats in Settings\Notifications.

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Guru jguerdat Guru

The recent Android app has broken the custom sound capability.

Mopegues Aspirant

I am having the same issue with my Arlo app. I know its not the Base because it still sends me the email to me.

Model: VMB3000 | Arlo Base Station
slompochomp Luminary

Ya , I am not sure what the issue because I just changed the Notification sound and walked in front of my camera and I recived the sound I picked and a notification. Maybe it's specific devices that have the issue. Arlo App version 2.6.3 for Android.

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brh Master


As far as the delay in the notifications with Arlo Smart, Arlo Smart evaluates the video after it has been sent to their server so unless Smart detects something it will not send a notification until the video has stopped recording. The shorter the video, the quicker the notification will be sent.

As far as the notification sound, I am assuming that you are using an Android device as, to the best of my knowledge, Apple users have never been able to change the notification sounds.

Arlo just sent out version 2.6.3 for ios and a newer version for Android devices should follow right behind it.



Guru jguerdat Guru

Android 2.6.4 is out now and fixes my app startup problem. Haven't test the custom notifications yet.

Jixxy Aspirant

I was hoping that the new update (released 11/28/2018) would fix this issue, but it has not.

Bottom line, the audio notification reverts to the phone's default sound notification. I have tried to change the sound in the Arlo app notification menu to no avail.


Phone: Samsung Galaxy S8

JTRAN80 Guide

in the android OS, go to


Settings>Apps & Notifications>App info>Arlo>App notifications>under categories "Notifications">Sounds

Jixxy Aspirant

Thanks for the info, solved my problem.