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Arlo Smart Premier Customers: Any issues with Android notifications? Not receiving any.

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I've been subscribed to their Premier service for months now, and they recently switched it over to "Arlo Smart Premier" which includes the rich notifications that have photos. Ever since then, those specific notifications have stopped making sounds on my Android phones. Anyone else with similar issues? Only the Arlo app seems affected, and only the rich notifications. The text-only low-battery notifications chime just fine.

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Have you gone through the various notification settings for the app in the phone settings?


One thing to be sure to do with androids is to go to settings, apps, click the 3 dot menu at the top, click special access and be sure to turn off battery optimization for the Arlo app.  If you don't and android decides you aren't using it enough or whatever they will put it in sleep mode and you won't get notifications until you wake your phone up.  Also be sure the app has all permissions turn on.  Another thing that will help is to go to data usage, mobile data usage and uncheck allow background usage for apps you don't need running all the time.  It's amazing how many things are running in the background you aren't aware of over time.  Many with notification features you don't care about.