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Re: Arlo Pro 2 with Arlo Smart subscription mis-classifies my dogs as people

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Jeff_G Aspirant

I recently purchased the Arlo - Pro 2 4-Camera system (VMS4430P) and I have subscribed to Arlo Smart Premier.  I have two cameras in my back yard area.   I also have two small dogs in the back yard.   I have disabled the notifications for animals on these cams.   Unfortunately, very often, I get notifications that a "person has been detected".  When I look at the video, it's one of my small dogs.   I didn't notice this happening the first few days after I subscribed, but once it started, it happens enough that the notifications aren't really useful.  I had 4 "Person" notifications between midnight and 7am this morning and all of those were my dogs.   I also had many "Animal" vids captured, but since they were correctly classified as animals, they didn't set off notifications.  I chatted with Arlo support and they ask me to turn off the notifications for people and then wait a few minutes and re-enable them.  I did that but it didn't resolve the issue.   This is really a frustrating problem as I'm getting lot's of false alerts and I don't want to get to the point that they don't get my attention.  Plus, getting woke up during the night because a "person" who really is your dog is moving is not fun.    Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to fix this issue ?  I'd sure appreciate any suggestions.


Thank you -- Jeff Gaiche

Model: VMC4030P | Arlo Pro 2 Wire-Free Camera
Guru jguerdat Guru

When in the library viewing videos, use the Donate option for the mis-identified ones to help get the team to tweak the software.

Jeff_G Aspirant

I didn't notice there was an option to do that.  I've donated several of the videos although there was no option to add any comments about why.  Hopefully they'll have context as to what they were classified as.   Thanks for the suggestion.

sgibbers17 Apprentice

They should give you a comment section or select what the motion actualy is.

Jeff_G Aspirant

That is what I would have thought too.   There was simply a popup that said "You are donating this recording to Arlo and give us permission to use it for research efforts.".   After you click OK it thanks you for donating.  That's it.