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Security Light Hardwire option?

Extensively tried to research previous posts, but since forum search is pitifully ineffective i'll do what everyone does and just post anew.


Looking for definitive answer on whether Arlo Security light can be hardwired with exterior USB adapter for continuouse use.  When i look at the security light chassis i see no external usb-micro port.


If it is possible, can i use a USB wall outlet to go straihht from wall to light via arlo usb cable? USB wall outlets typically have 3-5 Amperage ratings.   Must i use the actual usb plug adapter.  


There is an exterior power adaptor but on the US website it only calls out Pro, Pro2and Go camera.  The UK website mentions the cameras AND the security light specifically  


Thanks anyone!

Model: ALS1101 | Arlo Security Light
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Re: Security Light Hardwire option?

I've used the solar panels with the lights with no problems so I'd expect the outdoor power supply should work fine.

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Re: Security Light Hardwire option?

Thanks for reply. Where do solar panels plug in. See attached photo. Is that a rubber protected micro-usb port at bottom of picture? Is that where external power would be installed?
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Re: Security Light Hardwire option?

Check the manual. Page 14.


User Manual


My Arlo hardware: Q Plus, Pro 2, Security Light
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