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Grant access not working for Arlo Security Lights

I granted access on 2 Arlo security lights to my wife, but she is unable to see the new devices. The strange thing was that I was not able to grant the access from iOS app (device not listed to share). I had to do it from the web app. Once I added the lights from the web, they showed up in the iOS app.

Is the Arlo Security Light shareable? Or am I missing a step somewhere?

I went to

Settings -> Grant Access -> Select Friend -> Select Lights

then save on the web app.

Model: ALS1101 | Arlo Security Light
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Re: Grant access not working for Arlo Security Lights



I tested this and did not experience any issue seeing the shared lights. It sounds like you already have existing cameras shared with your wife's account. She may need to log out and log back in before she can see the newly shared devices. Try this and let us know if you still experience an issue.



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Re: Grant access not working for Arlo Security Lights

@JamesC you are correct. The issue wasn't with the lights not shareable. It was the Arlo Pro Base that was not shareable. I am able to share after I unselect the Arlo Pro Base device.


Arlo Pro Base was selected by default when try to share.



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