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Cant connect Bridge to VELOP mesh router

Hey all,


Purchased a the security light set combo (3 piece) from Costco. Attempted to connect bridge to my mesh router; specifically, it is a Velop. Followed the instructions to the letter and ensured that my w-fi & password were correct; about 20x now. The app reports that it cannot connect to WI-FI. Made sure all firmwares were up to date. Even factory resetted the bridge. Uninstalled/installed the arlo app to my iPhone X. "Rinse, wash & repeat" for another 20x. Still cannot get the bridge to connect to WiFi. Please send help! 

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Re: Cant connect Bridge to VELOP mesh router

Hi @jufelarca808


Your router may be blocking the mac address of the bridge. If you have MAC address filtering enabled, make sure that the Arlo Bridge's MAC address is whitelisted. You can find your Arlo Bridge's MAC address on the label, on the bottom of the box that your Arlo Security Light system or add-on Arlo Bridge came in. I have provided an article that may help with troubleshooting this issue. 


I can't set up the Arlo Bridge that came with my Arlo Light Security system; what do I do?

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Re: Cant connect Bridge to VELOP mesh router

I have a velop mesh system and the bridge connected first time to my setup

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