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Cannot get an RMA without having the faulty device

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I had an experience yesterday that has totally convinced me that when my Security System is due for replacement (and that will be in about 12 months)  - that I will be looking at all the other possibilities available out there - and not Arlo!!

I recently purchased a twin pack of Arlo Security Lights. One of the lights was not working so I contacted Arlo Support via Chat. The "Expert" put me through a number of tests with this faulty light (The light was still installed outside and required a ladder to access) - and this Chat went on for some time. After completing all these tests the "Expert" told me that the light was indeed faulty and that he would organise a replacement for me which he hoped to send out the same day. I was pleased with this outcome. At no point was I told that the faulty light needed to be returned to Arlo but only that a replacement would be sent to me. I discarded the faulty light in the trash that was collected shortly after. Later in the day I received an email from the "Expert" who told me that there were currently no Arlo Security Lights in the Australian Warehouse (Which I still doubt) and further that I should contact the place I purchased the light from and organise a return. This is when it was pointed out that I would have to return the faulty light first!! After learning this - I had a number of further "Chats" with Arlo with No Assistance whatsoever. Basically you don't have the faulty light - then we can't supply a new one!! If I had been told by the initial "Expert" that I needed to keep the faulty light obviously I would have. Even though he confirmed himself that the light was faulty and needed a replacement - this counted for nothing!!

I now will have to pay over $200 AU to replace a faulty light that was about 2 weeks old!!

This has reinforced my decision that the next Security System will NOT be anything to do with Arlo.

I realise that common sense would have meant that I kept the faulty light - but being told by the Arlo Expert that he would send a replacement out today - suggested to me that the faulty light was not needed at all!!

Thanks for listening ......  Basically wasted several hours of my time for absolutely nothing!!!

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@Blacky17557 wrote:

At no point was I told that the faulty light needed to be returned to Arlo but only that a replacement would be sent to me. I discarded the faulty light in the trash that was collected shortly after.

Did you check the terms and conditions in the Arlo warranty?


That should be clear, but I am surprised that anyone would bin something before a promised replacement arrived.


In any case, when you buy something that does not work, the first port of call should be the person who sold it to you. If something fails, take it back to the shop. Maybe that isn't how the law works in Australia.



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Yeah, that sucks but I always assume that the company wants the faulty unit back unless otherwise told not to send it back.  And then I do not throw it away till have have confermed that the new one also works.  I also see if I can get the new one before I send the old one back offten called an advanced replacement.


Hi and thanks for your reply.

I think that it's important here that we stay with the basics!! In the past when I have had issues with an Arlo Product - I contact support and they organised a replacement. It was a straight forward procedure.

On this occassion after a lengthy process by the Expert - checking the light outside several times - making adjustments to the settings - the Expert stated that this Light was faulty. He also PROMISED that he would organise a replacement the same day to be sent out. To me a promise is basically your word!!

Later in the day he contacted me and his word "changed". This is NOT what I would have expected from Arlo.

That's as simple as I can make it!

There was no mention to me about the faulty light being sent back - Why? I don't know.

What sought of organisation as big as Arlo has NO replacement Security Lights available in the whole of AUSTRALIA???

And as far as "Did i check the terms and conditions of the warranty"? Who does that? Imagine that every product that you buy - you sit down and read the whole terms and conditions - Not much time left in the day!!!

And lastly - Why would you keep a faulty product when you were not told that it had to be sent back - and you were PROMISED that a replacement would be sent (After Arlo confirmed that it was faulty)!!

No longer an Arlo Supporter and as said previously - when it's time to change my system - it will NOT be Arlo. There are plenty of contenders out there with similar or better products - and who actually KEEP THEIR WORD!!

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