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IOS 4.3.6 using 4.x UI issues


1. iPad in landscape mode, choose Feed tab, choose video from list to view. No “<“ in upper left corner which prevents returning to the list. Workaround, rotate iPad to portrait mode and “<“ appears and allows return to list.


2. IPad in portrait mode, From Dashboard or Devices tab choose a camera. Live view option is at top with list of recorded videos from that camera that can be viewed. In landscape mode no list is exposed nor can be scrolled for recorded videos, only live view is available. Workaround, switch to portrait mode.


3. Geofence configuration for me shows 12 devices. From trial and error selecting one at a time was able to identify my iPhone but none of the 12 work for my wife’s iPhone which is a shared user. Need to clean that up and have list of only current valid devices, for us 4 choices would be correct. Workaround, wife & I must always leave home together 🙂


4. Definitely miss having the ability to swipe left/right to view previous/next videos from the list. Hope that will be brought back.





Additional issue.

5. On Feed tab - if you change feed settings-filter type-event types to disable motion triggered videos from being listed after saving the new setting the list is update and those videos are no longer listed, however, the reverse does not work. When you re-enable the motion event type to include them in the video list they are not added to the list after saving new settings. Workaround, quit the app and relaunch.

Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Thank you for the feedback. I have notified the appropriate team.