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The Android app constantly crashes on Android 13 when on WiFi (doesn't seem to happen on mobile data)?

Steps to reproduce:
- Cold start the app.
- Wait until the 'mode' menu option appears and then background the app.
- Open app again, wait a few seconds. Crash.

The app seems to be using some sort of connectivity listener in a way that android 13 doesn't like/allow. It was happening on the beta so hoped an update to fix it would be available by now, sadly not.

Arlo secure app version is: 3.6.8_28460

Running on a Pixel 6 Pro, Android 13, build number TPIA.220624.021

Arlo Moderator
Arlo Moderator

Hi Everyone,


It looks like an update was just released that should resolve this crashing issue with Android 13. Please update your Arlo App and test this again with version 3.6.9.


Please let me know if you experience any issues after the update. 


Got the update installed. Login and other operations seem to be really slow. Perhaps your servers are overloaded by the update? I rebooted my router as other things seemed slow too, even though an internet speed check showed no problems, and now things seem to be working better. No crashes yet in the Arlo app so looks like the problem has been fixed. Thanks.


The update has fixed the issue for me, thanks!

Guru Guru

There's a new version of the app which is working fine on my Pixel 6 so far. Update the app and test.

Better so far this morning, will report back any issues

I just went to all eufy security cameras.  I started over a year ago with the eufy P24 indoor cameras as a replacement for my Arlo Qs to test the brand.  Now I have four eufy P24 indoor cameras.  A great test for them was when my home was being repaired for a over a month for extensive hurricane damage.  The workers were very aware they were being monitored and nothing ever bad occurred.  My five Arlo Pro outdoor cameras  served me very well ever since they were available to purchase years ago despite the Arlo created goat rodeo they created with 2FA. During the time one Arlo Pro failed last year and recently multiple batteries started to fail.  I was faced with buying a few batteries and another charger for a couple of hundred dollars for some old cameras or use the money to invest into a new system. I made the decision to go with a new system.  Eufy outdoor security cameras ended up being a more economical replacement system.  I opted for the eufycam 2 with 1080p with supposedly one year battery life and a wanted the cameras communicating back to a dedicated base like the Arlo Pro since I have so many 2.4GHz devices on my current home network.  Side note, I have motion lights around my home therefore do not need security cameras with built in white lights triggered for motion. As I had my Arlo Pro cameras set at 480p with few recordings I usually got about six months of battery life.  The eufycam 2 has a much larger battery advertised as a one year battery and I will run the system optimized for battery life.  I feel I can safely go at least six months before charging the batteries. Just like my Arlo Pro cameras, the eufycam 2 can be armed/disarmed via a verbal Alexa command. Also able to view all of my eufy cameras on my Echo Shows the same as I did with my Arlo cameras.  As a result I am happy and still security camera subscription free.