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Introducing Arlo Safe - Personal and family safety on the go.

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What is Arlo Safe?

Arlo Safe is a personal safety app offering total protection and peace of mind with one tap emergency help on your phone. It’s like having a security guard by your side. If you ever feel in danger, are involved in an auto accident, or want to check in with a family member, help is there.


Family Check-Ins

Check-in with family members and see their location for ultimate peace of mind.


Family Location History

See the history of your family members’ past trips. Review routes are taken and places visited.


Family Place Alerts

Save your family’s most popular locations like school, home, and work. Be notified when members arrive or leave those places.


One-Tap Protection

With a quick tap, connect with our professional security experts to get emergency help.


Walk With Me™ Protection

You are never alone. Our professional security experts are with you every step of the way. Simply release a button to get emergency help.


Emergency Response

When every second counts, alert fire, medical, or police to your location during an emergency.


Alerts to Emergency Contacts

Automatically notify your emergency contacts when you have an emergency. If needed, they can send help directly to you.


Cloud Witness™ incident recording

Record events as they happen and store them in the cloud for future use.


Crash Detection & Response

Automatically alert emergency response agents during a car accident to send help quickly.


24/7 Personal Safety Expert

Triple redundant, five-diamond, and UL-certified monitoring centers ensure you get an immediate response from medically trained, security experts.


Family Safety monitoring

Keep in touch with family members. Locate, live view, text or call directly from the app and send help to them during an emergency.


Unlimited Users

Invite and connect the entire family, with the family plan



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Post a reply or visit Arlo Support if you have any additional questions or need more information about Arlo Safe.

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