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WiFi Signal Strength Issue

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Smedsters Initiate

Not sure what the problem is but my Arlo Q positioned next to an Arlo with 3 bars only had 1 bar.  I repositioned the Arlo Q within 10 feet of the base station and the signal strength only increased to 2 bars.  Anyone else experiencing this issue?  I went from a 14 second video delay with 1 bar to 3 second video delay with 2 bars.  While this is an improvement, it's still not as strong as an Arlo with 3 bars in the same location.

Guru TomMac Guru

First you have to remember a few things;

1) the arlo Q does not talk to the base at all but goes directly to your OWN wifi system

2) ARLO bases put out a very strong signal for a wifi base

3) your own wifi system prob has a slightly lower signal


So , with above , its very possible that the Arlo cam is receiving a better signal than the Q cam ( cause base is stronger ).  Moving the Q closer to the Arlo base doesn't really help the Q , moving it closer to your wifi network will.

Yes signal can effect the talking back-forth.


If you have something that can see wifi signals, compare the two ( laptops, cell phone, etc that give signal strength ) place Q where it receives the best.

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Shaye2k Aspirant
I am right next to my router and still only have one bar on my Arlo Q. I've had other brands of wifi cameras in the same location that didn't give me this issue. The video delay is pretty bad also.
Guru jguerdat Guru

You may be experiencing interference. What happens if you move further away? If you have a dual band router, try the other band.