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Parsing Error retrieving CVR playback from Arlo Q

When trying to view CVR I get this parsing error intermittently.  I have seen it occur at different times of the day.  I have tried viewing via iPhone, iPad, Safara, Chrome, IE and Firefox browsers.  Flash is up to date.


The parsing error always is at the same point in time in the recording, regardless of browser.  It appears some the recording is corrupt and it figures the one time I need to see what transpired on that camera in that time frame and it can't be viewed.



Model: VMC3040 | Arlo-Q HD with Audio
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Re: Parsing Error retrieving CVR playback from Arlo Q



How often are you noticing this? Does the camera have good signal strength in it's current location?



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Re: Parsing Error retrieving CVR playback from Arlo Q

The camera has full bars in its location.  I have never observed the signal fluctuate. 


As for how often, I would say daily.   When a motion alert is triggered I like to go to the CVR to view the activity before and after the motion.  I can pretty much guarantee as I move back and forth through the recording that I will hit what I call a "corrupt zone" where the stream cannot be parsed and playback ceases. I have to move forward or back to where its "clean" again and playback will resume until it hits another or the same "corrupt zone".


I am able tor replicate the "corrupt zone" in both chrome and firefox at the same point in the recording,  iOS doesn't actually display the parsing error it just stops the playback and the screen goes black when it hits the point in the CVR that is corrupt.

Model: Arlo-Q HD with Audio
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