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New Potential Arlo Customer

I couldn’t find a place to send an email to Arlo Support so I figured I’d just post my questions here...

My husband and I are looking for a home security system for our house and trying to decide if Arlo would be a good fit for us. We are looking for the following features:

We are looking for a system that works both indoors and outdoors.

Our daughter will now be home from school about an hour and a half before we get home from work and we’d like to keep an eye on her during that time while we are still at work.

We would like to be able to communicate with our daughter while she at home and we are at work (2-way audio?) through the system.

Also, we require recording video (with audio) every time my daughter’s bio-mom comes to pick her up for visitation and being able to save that recording. Right now I try to finagle my iPhone on the back of our couch and pointed at the front door to record the exchange. Would I be able to choose when Arlo actually records and then save those recordings? i.e. I press “record” when her mother gets to our house and “stop” once her mother leaves and then save that clip to my computer or a thumb drive or whatever.
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Re: New Potential Arlo Customer

Suggest you buy only 1 x ARLO Q PLUS camera. It does not need a base station and connects directly your home wifi router. It needs to be plugged in.  It has audio and records HD quality.  And you can put in a SD card to record in case your internet is down. NOTE the recording will always go the cloud but you can download video of events you are interested in saving. Set it up and experiment with location and angle to ensure you get the results you want. If behaviour is the issue, having the camera visible may solve the problem - otherwise you may need to check legal aspects of recording someone without their knowledge.


You may need to disable Notifications to your phone to avoid going crazy over normal comings and goings. And perhaps you may need to pay for Continuous 24/7 recording to get the length recordings you want/need.  But one Q+ camera is not a huge investment as opposed to a base station with wireless cameras and all the inherent issues. 

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Re: New Potential Arlo Customer

If you live in the us there are no laws preventing you from video recording in your own home. In some states it illegal to record a phone conversation without consent
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Re: New Potential Arlo Customer

With the Q+ can I choose when to record and when to stop recording? Just like I do when I take a video with my iPhone?

We’ve been recording exchanges for four years per the custody judge’s recommendation. She also knows that we record each exchange.
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Re: New Potential Arlo Customer

Also, why only buy one when I need a camera to view my driveway, front door (from inside), our living room, dining room, kitchen, and child’s bedroom when she is home alone?
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