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Fixed length recording question?

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PhilJW Aspirant

Can anyone help me here as I cant find an explanation in the user manual?


I have my camera set up to start recording when motion or audio is detected. I have edited the mode so that it records 300s once either of those things are detected.


My understanding is that once either motion or audio are detected a 5 minute recording is made regardless of whatever is happening in the room. 


Once the 5 minutes is over the recording is stopped. If motion or audio is then once again detected a new 5 minute recording is started and the whole process is repeated.


So if there is contsnat movement picked up by the camera there should be a series of 5 minute recordings captured.


However I cannot get this to happen. If motion or audio is detected then the recording only lasts for about 20 seconds and then stops. Why would it stop if it is supposed to record for 5 minutes?


Then it doesnt start recording again until after about 10 minutes, when another motion/audio alert is triggered (even though there is constant movement in the room during that 10 minutes).


Have I got the settings wrong or can anyone explain this?


Many thanks for any help.

Model: VMC3040|Arlo-Q HD with Audio
Guru TomMac Guru

The function of "record till motion stops" has always been an issue.

It does work but if the camera fails to see motion then it seems to stop at about the 15-20 sec mark


As to the fixed times... to my knowledge, they should work 100%...but then I don't use anything over 1 min now.

From prior tests with walkthru's I found that the higher times actually give less good video ( more just blank ). Just as there is a 5-10 sec reset time form one trigger video to the next.  Seems the opt time is about 30-40 secs which give a second record video time at < 40-50 secs.

Your MMV, but recommend a max time of 1 min.... good comp between vid time and battery. If you need more, slowly lower the time amount by 5 sec and see what works.


long story short; should work, don't know why it doesn't

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